RACE (Vol. 1, No. 1)

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RACE (Vol. 1, No. 1)


29 March 1972


Student newspaper of the Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga.


A hesitant exposure - Christina Davidson (p. 2)
Over the abyss of ignorance - M. C. H. (p. 2)
Skool - Unnamed (p. 2)
First, take a lake - Greg Searle (p. 3)
Were you press-gained into 'serving' your country - D.R.U (pp. 4-5)
Hot springs eternal - Patrick Moran (p. 5)
Don't labour in vain, use a contraceptive - Griffin (pp. 6-7)
Step by step budget recipe for teacher education - Jill le Messurier, Chistina Davidson, Rae Allen and Trish Dolaghon (p. 8)
Where our taxes go - Unnamed (p. 8)
The civic proud - M. C. H. (p. 8)
Fed as in federation - John Williams (p. 9)
TTA bond bulletin - New South Wales Teachers Federation (p. 9)
The saga of the interim social committee - M. C. H. per Interim Social Committee (p. 10)
One way flow - Unnamed (p. 10)
The rebel sport - Peter Williams (p. 10)
Rugger - Rugby Club (p. 11)


Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council


Charles Sturt University Regional Archives CSU2304


Editorial Staff:

P. Roberts, C. Jones, R. King, Ian, G. Meredith, L. Robinson, A. O'Ferrall and V. Gow.


Copyright: Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council.

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Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council, “RACE (Vol. 1, No. 1),” Charles Sturt University Regional Archives Digital Gallery, accessed January 19, 2021, https://csuregarch.intersect.org.au/items/show/3364.

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