RACE (Vol. 1, No. 4)

RACE 1972 (4).pdf


RACE (Vol. 1, No. 4)


May 1972


Student newspaper of the Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga.


What happened to your $30? - Wayne, Laurie and Steve (pp. 1-2)
Jaycees - Unnamed (p. 2)
Hassle - Sue (p. 2)
'Dear editor' - Three unnamed persons and Chris Jones (p. 2)
Food for thought - Michelle (p. 2)
Open-honest - Sandy Santmyers (p, 3)
Manfred mann's gig - K. W. (p. 3)
Questions... - Conscientious Objector unnamed (p. 3)
What you always wanted to know about your sports council but were never game to ask - Paul Davis (p. 4)
Prac. teaching - Liz (p. 4)
Smoking and health - now - Royal College of Physicians via D. J. Staniford (p. 4)
Midterm assessment - Unnamed (p. 5)
Dick cornell on the resources centre - C. D. Blake (pp. 6-7)
I. R. advisory committee - Michelle Butler (p. 7)
Student advisers - Unnamed (p. 8)
E.I.C. - Ree Barrett (p. 8)
TTA report - Greg Jones (p. 9)
Mackie the end product of neglect in education - Unnamed (p. 9)
Sports-estimates - Mac (p. 10)
Intramural sports - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 10)
Cross country race - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 10)
Riverina regional cross country championship - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 10)
The inside oil - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Late sports results - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Aussie rules - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Mens hockey - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Womens hockey - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Rugby - Editorial Sporting Staff (p. 11)
Ode to a football - R. K. (p. 11)
"B"day - Unnamed (p. 12)
Superstudent!! - Robin, Greg, Wayne and Steve (p. 12)
S.U. - Unnamed (p. 12)
[Untitled poem] - Steve (p. 12)


Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council


Charles Sturt University Regional Archives CSU2304


Editorial Staff:

Rob Julian, Liz Dart, John McDonald, Steve Peterson, Laurie Connellan and Liz Szandruk


Robyn Luhrs, Susan Hinley, Ian Nazzer and Lee Robinson


Chris Baines and Peter Morris


Vanessa King and Michelle Butler


Chris Jones and Greg Jones


Copyright: Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council.

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Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council, “RACE (Vol. 1, No. 4),” Charles Sturt University Regional Archives Digital Gallery, accessed September 22, 2020, https://csuregarch.intersect.org.au/items/show/3367.

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