RACE (Vol. 1, No. 9)

RACE 1972 (9).pdf


RACE (Vol. 1, No. 9)


9 November 1972


Student newspaper of the Riverina College of Advanced Education, Wagga Wagga.


Wanted for subversive activity - RACE Editorial Board (p. 1)
Aftermath - Chris Jones (p. 2)
To the editor of race - Don McNaughtan (p. 2)
To the editor of race - John Ralph Wallace (p. 2)
Report and commentary on the visit of alexander Graysons to riverina college of advanced education - Anna Gorman (p. 3)
The loan - Paul Carroll (p. 3)
Do it yourself or why I took things into my own hands - G. H. Santmyers (p. 4)
Broken circles - Don McNaughtan (p. 4)
2/2 teaching - Trish Williams (p. 5)
What's on & where! - Clop Needlecram (p. 5)
Stuffed statesman - G. V. G. (p. 6)
Childhead's doll a rock opera - Unnamed (p. 6)
Uganda - Dean J. M. Higgins (p. 7)
For... president - Andrew Smith, Michael Skinner, Bob King and Rowland Martin (p. 8)
... Associations director - Clive Needham (pp. 8-9)
... Liaison officer - Rob Neale, Geoffrey Giuffre, Russell Orrell, Roger Gray, Robin Julian and Louise Keeley (pp. 9-10)
... Publications director - Frances Beringer and Chris Jones (p. 10)
... Secretary - Margaret Harris and Noeleen Simmons (p. 11)
... Treasurer - Bill Lockwood and Ray Northwood (p. 11)
... Vice-President - Jeff Ballinger and Dick Fuller (p. 11)
A short statement on evaluation and examinations - D. J. Thomas (p. 12)
Education or examinations - Vanessa King (p. 12)
[Untitled article] - Honi Soit and the National U (p. 12)
Straight's dictionary - 'The Black Papers on Education' (p. 13)
Revue '72 - G. V. C. (p. 13)
Car trial result - Phil (p. 14)
Granny grafunda's cook in - D. A. P. (p. 14)
Spectrum gifts stationary - Wayne Folkard and Bill Powell (p. 14)


Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council




Charles Sturt University Regional Archives CSU2304


Editorial Staff:

Chris Jones, Clive Needham, Greg Joes, Ian Nazer, Peter Harmer, Wendy Bean, Gail Rae and Robyn White


Robyn Luhre, Sue Hinley and Lee Robinson


Chris Vye and Deb Nichol


Vanessa, Rob Julian and Mich Butler


Chris Baines and Peter Morris




Copyright: Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council.


Rivcoll Union Student Welfare Council, “RACE (Vol. 1, No. 9),” Charles Sturt University Regional Archives Digital Gallery, accessed January 19, 2021, https://csuregarch.intersect.org.au/items/show/3372.

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