Hungappa - 1989, Volume 1, Number 1

Hungappa - 1989, Volume 1, Number 1.pdf


Hungappa - 1989, Volume 1, Number 1




Editors: Chris Knight, Rachel Crease, David Hearne, Jo-Anne Stratford




Charles Sturt University (CSU) Wagga Wagga Campus, NSW


Rivcoll Student Representative Council (SRC)


Principal Blake reports - Dr Cliff Blake;
The colossal cock up - n/a;
The bicentennial interview with John Elliot - n/a;
Interview with Andy Nehl - Peter Lewis;
International Womens Day;
Coolamon Motors;
Bugger up the tertiary tax;
[Comic] - Birkett
Reshaping Rivcoll Union - Rod Milliken;
Into every life, a little shit must fly [Comic];
Gauguin's rather less than primitive instincts - n/a;
Graduate tax, should you pay in advance? - Mark Short;
Fat edge of the wedge - Ross Gitt;
Government will have to bear the real cost of graduate tax - Kenneth Davidson;
Goodbye, Mrs. Chips: Women and the White Paper - Kerri Watson;
Education tax: how much will it cost a graduate/ex-student - Antony A. Doss;
Fee-paying postgraduate courses: the road to privatisation - Jane Nicholls;
Campus action planned during enrolments - David Strover;
What the HEC - n/a;
NUS takes tertiary tax to court - n/a
The tale of the dreaded lergie [Comic] - n/a;
How to fool academics (without really trying) - n/a;
Stop press: Student press: Pap or purpose? - Wendy Bacon;
Tough hard-liners behind Bush's KAGA - Martin Walker;
Bold, native, heroic - n/a;
Let me make a real man of you [Comic];
Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the bomb party - Graham Greene;
Doctor's plot - Tim Radford
Van Morrison - John Magowan
The innocence of martyrs - Rod Milliken
Murrumbidgee Film Society - n/a;
Bad timing [Comics];
T.V. evangelist sex fiend shuffle rap [Comic] - n/a
The precedents address to the nation [Comic] - n/a;
This space available for advertising [Comic];
The no joy juke box saga - n/a;
Hermoine the modern girl [Comic];
Around the drama traps - Effigy;
Editorial - D. Hearne;
Child care;
Dear comrade - Adolph;
La Terrasse cafe;
Rivcoll Union entertainment


Charles Sturt University (CSU) Wagga Wagga Campus student publication


Copyright Rivcoll Student Representative Council (SRC). Used with permission.

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Editors: Chris Knight, Rachel Crease, David Hearne, Jo-Anne Stratford, “Hungappa - 1989, Volume 1, Number 1,” Charles Sturt University Regional Archives Digital Gallery, accessed March 3, 2024,

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