'Talkabout' - the student magazine of WWTC

Talkabout, Vol. 20 No. 4

Talkabout started life as the student magazine of the Wagga Wagga Teachers' College.

It was published at regular intervals every year between March and December and acted as a voice for the students, by the students, as both a creative outlet and a place for reports on College events, whether extra-curricular, controversial or celebratory.

The first issue was released just three months after the formation of the College. The Editor hoped that the magazine would, “provide a medium for expression of opinion and criticism within the College...” The SRC President was of a similar opinion: “Talkabout will be a means for the student to air his views and should lead him to realise that he is a part of a democratic college community.”

Those copies of the magazine that are held at the CSU Regional Archives have been now been digitised, thanks to funding by the WWTC Alumni Association, and are available to view via the Talkabout exhibit menu. We would love to hear from any ex-WWTC students who have copies of Talkabout that can fill in some of the gaps in our collection.

Following the closing of the College, the name of the magazine was assumed by the WWTC Alumni Association for their newsletter. These Talkabouts (from 1997 to the present) are available online at CSU Alumni.

Some suggested reading:

  • The Talkabout issue discussing the implementation of The Honour System, following the student protest marches in the streets of Wagga (Vol 16, No 4);
  • Report on the disbanding of the WWTC Bachelors’ Club and the establishment of the Voluntary Bachelors’ Club, with its £300 bond and annual subscription of £216 (Nov 1956);
  • The terrors of your first bush school - what they didn’t tell you at WWTC (Vol 25, No 2);
  • Notes on “How to Kill a Turkey” (Vol 3, No 4);
  • A tirade against the Postmaster General and the Government Censor, “bless their busy little scissors…” (Vol 23, No 1);
  • Some 1971 gender equality statistics (Oct 1971); and 
  • A photograph of the wreath-laying ceremony for ‘Myrtle’, following her mysterious disappearance (Mar 1962).
'Talkabout' - the student magazine of WWTC