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From the reverse side of print: "Old mine shaft. Charley Stokes' gold workings. Worked recently to supply last operation of gold plant, about 1950. Situated on hillside, at side of road leading to treatment plant. 1953 shearing season. Sund. 11th…

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From the reverse side of print:"Part of old mining water race on hillside above Goobragandra River, last used to supply water to Charley Stokes' gold mine plant above Greasy Macs. Walls of race are built up with stone for considerable distances. Race…

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From the reverse side of print: "Rear view of stamper battery, part of Charley Stokes' gold mine plant, just above Greasy Mac's. 1953 shearing season. Sund. 11th Oct. 1953. 2.45 p.m. Cloudy sun".

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From the reverse side of print: "Jack Venables' or Stokes' Hut, on Goobragandra River, about 10 miles above Goobragandra homestead. This is as far as motor vehicles can go. Jack (on left) is trying to repair H.M.V. gramophone. Cecil Piper (right) was…
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