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James Walsh Edney used his "Day Book" for many different purposes, including:
- an account book for his blacksmith sales from the 2nd December 1889 to the 22nd May 1890;
- a record of his wages received from Rae & Wright, blacksmiths, from the…

Photograph of the Wagga Wagga Fire Brigade, circa 1940. There are twelve men seated or standing in front of eleven trophies.

Photograph of the Wagga Wagga Fire Brigade Soccer Club in 1939.
Back Row: C Day, D Carruthers, N Owens, R Phillips, R Lewis (Goalkeeper), R Lonergan, E Barnett, L Phillips.
Front Row: A Carpenter, S Ward, A Hadley, D Lewis (Vice-President), W…

The Wagga Wagga Volunteer Fire Brigade standing in front of the Wagga Wagga Municipal Council Chambers in Baylis Street. There are 13 men in uniform, with one man in the driver's seat of the pump cart and two men are holding up the hose trolley.

Members of the Wagga Wagga Volunteer Fire Brigade.
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