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From the reverse side of print: "First bridge over Murrumbidgee River on Kelly's Plain track, below Rules' Point. Wally on bridge, which has been badly knocked about in recent years by floods. Tourists in background. Tues. 10th Jan. 1956. 9.20 a.m.…

From the reverse side of print: "Wally at door of Little Peppercorn Hut. Spent six nights here. Black dingo about - heard him one night. Tucker lasting out well. Wally had cold - dosed him with eucalyptus leaves, aspros & Eichorn's. Cleared it up.…

From the reverse side of print: "The Kiosk - Cotter River - Canberra. Cars waiting to take competitors out on fishing competition between Canberra & Tumut Clubs. Sund. 28th Nov. 1948. Clear - early morning".

From the reverse side of print: "The Wishing Pool - the Kiosk Tea Gardens - Cotter River - Canberra. Myself. Coins are thrown into pool in aid of Legacy Club. Sund. 28th Nov. 1948. Clear - early morning".

From the reverse side of print: "Myself & Laurie Pearce (Sydney) at Snowy River Camp, Dog proof Fence, Talbingo. Sulky fishing trip with Norman Learmont. Laurie arrived with Terry, his son, just as I was leaving to go back to Tumut. I stayed a few…

From the reverse side of print: "V. Pan/50X10/cloudy - no sun - like rain. Brown's Saw Mill, Bago Forest, from North West, five miles from Buddong Falls on the Buddong Road. Hardwood timber is cut here. Snow was still lying on shaded side of mill…

From the reverse side of print: "Flying Fox, below camp, Lobb's Hole. Sat. 8th March 1958. 2.50 p.m. Dull -no sun/25X11/F.50".

From the reverse side of print: "Old stone & mud house - Morris Creek - nr. Talbingo. Wed. 23rd April 1958. 10.05 a.m. Sun/50X11¾/F.25¾ (Tommy Morris)".

From the reverse side of print: "Jack Bridles' Service Station - Talbingo. Wed. 23rd April 1958. 12.45 p.m. Sun/50X16/F.50½ - with Stan Norris".

Studio Portrait of Ernie and Evelyn Arish on their wedding day. With inscription: "To May and Percy from Ernie and Evelyn".

Photograph of the office and some of the staff of the Wagga Wagga Advertiser in Fitzmaurice Street.
The American Photographic Company was in Wagga between 20 December 1871 and at least February 1872 and (according to newspaper reports) took…

A view of the Wagga Wagga Company Bridge from the west bank of the Murrumbidgee River.

Studio portrait of Mr and Mrs Thomas Dale.

Photographic postcard with an image of an unidentified young child and an infant posed on a large chair.

A photograph of a large dust storm at Narrandera on 2 February 1903, titled 'A Phenomenal Dust "Storm"', taken by Carl Dugdale, photographer at Narrandera.

A studio portrait of man in an Australian Imperial Force uniform. On the reverse side is a recent inscription which tentatively identifies the man as Sergeant Harris.

Inscription on the map: "6th edition of the De Gruchy and Co. New Squatting Map of the Riverina and District of NSW. Shewing all the Townships, Reserves, Roads and Stations, &c. &c. with approximate boundaries and replete with general information to…

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Correspondence from John H Forsyth, Assistant Engineer, Research Office of The Secretary for Railways, regarding Mrs Seecombe's enquiries on the seats at Bomen Railway Station.
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