Possum's Photographs

Harris' Hut

The Alfred 'Possum' Greene Collection is a remarkable personal record of over 3000 photographic prints and negatives, most of which document Greene's surroundings during his life in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains region during the 1950s and 1960s.

Photography appears to have been a lasting passion with Greene, with the entire collection dating from 1923 right up until less than a decade before his death in 1981. He arrived in Australia from England in 1924 and worked on properties in central Queensland before moving to the Tumut area in the 1930s.

He was meticulous in the documentation of his photographs. On the reverse side of each print Greene wrote a description of the scene, the date, time, weather conditions and even the aperture of his camera.

We have selected a few of Greene's photographs to display here. If you are interested in more information on Greene and his collection, please contact CSU Regional Archives.

Possum's Photographs