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Royal Tour 1954 - crowds [RW1574.488] (5).jpg
Those who had been chosen to be presented to Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were seated here on the northern side of the dais, facing Baylis Street. We can only guess at the identities of two of the people here - possibly a Catholic…

Royal Tour 1954 - crowds [RW1574.488] (6).jpg
This view of Baylis Street gives a great impression of just how grand an occasion the visit was. The huge crowds, the opulent dais, the welcoming arch, the buildings strewn with coloured bunting, and even the street lined with uniformed men, all…

Royal Tour 1954 - Forest Hill Airport [RW1574.253].jpg
The Queen and Duke arrived at the Forest Hill airport a little after 1pm on a fairly hot Wagga Wagga.

Royal Tour 1954 - Woodchoppers [RW1574.253].jpg
These axemen (or woodchoppers) put on a display of their prowess with an axe for Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Wagga Showground.
The next day, the newspapers reported that a stray wood chip had come flying towards the Queen as she…

Royal Tour 1954 - Mr and Mrs Graham [RW43.39].jpg
The Hon. Eddie Graham, Member for Wagga Wagga and Minister of Agriculture, greets Queen Elizabeth as she alights from the open-top car in Baylis Street. Mrs Ivy Graham (we assume...) stands just a little behind him.

Royal Tour 1954 - Robertson Oval [RW43.39].jpg
Thousands of school children gathered on Robertson Oval for the final appearance of the Queen and Duke.
The newspapers reported that of the 15,000 children gathered in the centre of the oval, 500 had fainted in the heat and had to be stretchered off…

Royal Tour 1954 - near this spot [RW1574.690].jpg
This plaque, which was placed near the location of the dais in Baylis Street, can still be seen on the side of the Historic Council Chambers.
It says:
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