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Royal Tour 1954 - Robertson Oval [RW43.39].jpg
Thousands of school children gathered on Robertson Oval for the final appearance of the Queen and Duke.
The newspapers reported that of the 15,000 children gathered in the centre of the oval, 500 had fainted in the heat and had to be stretchered off…

Riverina Royal Visit Souvenir Booklet (4).jpg
The plans for the Royal Progress were proudly published in the Souvenir Booklet of the Royal Visit to Wagga in 1954. Those unluckly enough not be able to find a place at one of the three main stops (City Council Chambers, the Wagga Showgrounds, and…

Riverina Royal Visit Souvenir Booklet (3-sm2).jpg
This page from the Riverina Royal Visit Souvenir Booklet breaks down the visit of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Wagga, almost to the minute. The intention had been for them to only be in Wagga for 123 minutes. However, "the best laid…
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