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A hand-coloured photographic postcard showing the Wagga Wagga Post Office in Fitzmaurice Street around 1900.

This postcard is part of a series, presumably by a photographer identified as F.P.H. [Hobbs?]. This particular postcard is labelled: "418.…

A hand-coloured photographic postcard addressed to Nurse Melvin. The photograph shows Fitzmaurice Street around 1900. The photographer is facing south, with the photograph including the Gurwood Street corner.

This postcard is part of a series,…

The business of Morrison and Daley on the corner of Fitzmaurice and Gurwood Streets.

One of the Wagga town bands on parade, down Fitzmaurice Street during the 1880s or 1890s. The photograph was taken at the corner of Fitzmaurice and Kincaid Streets, also known as Crown Corner.

Wagga Wagga cyclists on morning before a race day, outside of the Post Office on Fitzmaurice Street.

Photograph of the office and some of the staff of the Wagga Wagga Advertiser in Fitzmaurice Street.
The American Photographic Company was in Wagga between 20 December 1871 and at least February 1872 and (according to newspaper reports) took…

A view of Fitzmaurice Street, just north of the Kincaid Street intersection.

One of the many floods of the Murrumbidgee River that covered Fitzmaurice Street. This photograph was taken outside The Pastoral Hotel (now ABC Riverina Studios), looking north down Fitzmaurice Street.

Photograph showing some of the Fitzmaurice Street hotels during one of the 1891 floods.
The photograph includes Bellair's Commercial Hotel (now Romano's); Millenet's Criterion Hotel (including the offices of Wilkinson, Lavender and Chapman, stock…

Photograph of people outside an unknown hotel in Fitzmaurice Street, during one of the 1891 floods in Wagga Wagga. In the foreground, the water is up to the horse's chest, while three men try to keep their feet dry by standing on the carriage.

Photograph of Fitzmaurice Street in flood during the very wet year of 1891. The water has not completely covered the entire street but the lower lying areas have already been inundated. The photographer is standing just to the north of the…

Photograph of Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga, taken from the top of the sandhill outside Victoria House and the Court House. The street is decorated with flags and bunting in celebration of an unknown event.

Photograph showing the David Copland & Co Store in Fitzmaurice Street. The photographer is standing on The Commercial Hotel in Sturt Street and there is a crowd gathered outside the Wagga Wagga Court House.

College Open Day(34).jpg
The Wagga Wagga Teachers' College Open Day Street Parade in Fitzmaurice Street.

College Open Day(14).jpg
A Wagga Wagga Teachers' College student dresses up for the Open Day Street Parade, declaring the end is near.

College Open Day(12).jpg
Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students demonstrating college fashions during the Open Day Street Parade. The National Bank building is in the background of the photograph.

College Open Day(9).jpg
Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students in a Holden car, as part of the Open Day Street Parade.

College Open Day(6).jpg
Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students marching down the main street in the Open Day Street Parade. The wheelbarrow containing the cigarette-smoking student says, "Moulin Rouge or Bust"!

Royal Tour 1954 - crowds [RW1574.488] (1).jpg
Soldiers lined the route of the Royal Progress, along with the crowds. Sadly, they weren't allowed umbrellas to help keep the sun off in the unrelenting February heat!
This photograph was taken in Fitzmaurice Street near Fossey's; across the road…

Royal Tour 1954 - Fitzmaurice St [RW1574.488](3).jpg
The shops and public buildings in Baylis and Fitzmaurice Streets were decked out with flags and bunting for the visit of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. The Wagga Wagga Post Office was on the route of the Royal Progress.
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