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Framed photograph of an unidentified man.

Portrait of May and Maud Mortlock of The Rock, posed together in a studio in 1910.

A wedding party of unidentified people, possibly members of the Condon family.

Studio portrait of Pery Lachlan Condon and May E Motlock's wedding, with Ella Condon and Stella Mortlock as Bridesmaids, Hugh Condon as Best Man and Harry Mortlock as Groomsman. With inscription: "To Dear Dad and Mother with love from Percy and May.…

RW5_045 (8).jpg
A postcard portrait of Bertha Hawkins of Cooma, NSW. Bertha graduated with a Diploma as an Associate of the London College of Music in 1907 at the age of 13.
On the reverse is the inscription: "To May with Birthday Greetings, From Bertha".…

Photographic postcard of an unidentified woman, with inscription: "To May, wishing you a happy New Year From Evelyn (Additional inscription: "Anderson").

Photographic postcard of two unidentified women posed together. With an inscription on the back: "In all sincerity from Myrtle and Doris, To May".

A photographic postcard addressed to May Mortlock from Percy Condon, no date:
"Dear May, Just a PC. according to promise; We have possession of New Lawn; shifting in today. I came out yesterday, am taking furniture in today. How do you like the P.C.…

Photographic postcard of three unidentified women, with an inscription addressed to Maud Mortlock.

RW5_045 (3).jpg
A photographic postcard of two women. The postcard on the reverse side is addressed to "May" (presumably, Condon) and is signed "AL" (or "AC").

Harry Condon and section on horseback, possibly in Egypt. With inscription: "Dear Auntie, this is a photo of the section that I have worked with...I hope you are as well as I am, give my love to all. Bert."

Photographic postcard with an image of Private Percy Price.
Inscription on reverse side: "Private Percy Price enlisted March 12th, 1916. Left Australia August 16th, killed in action in France December 31st."

Photographic postcard with an image of an unidentified young child and an infant posed on a large chair.

Photographic postcard of a child, posed on a table with toy blocks, inscribed, "To Percy and May and Little Alice, Wishing you A Merry Xmas From all at "Pretty Valley. Xmas 1914."
An inscription added at a later date says, "Boy is Rob Condon, The…

A photographic postcard addressed to May Mortlock from Barney Carlon of Yarragundry, dated 13 November 1909:
"Dear May, That other jolly old card was a dead nark, couldn't have a scribble at all May. But never mind will tell you all, when I see you…

Photograph of Harry Condon in uniform on horseback, possibly in Egypt.

Posed photograph of Joe Carlon.

Posed photograph of "Maudie" holding a parasol. The information with the photograph suggests it was taken at the Wagga Wagga Show.

Posed photographs of Percy Condon

Colour photograph of Percy Condon and young man. Inscription on reverse: "Percy L Condon, just after his 70th Birthday, handing over the keys on behalf of Great Southern Motors to Mr Westman, winner of Car in Ambulance Art Union."
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