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No date-Integration Exp-Forest Hill16.jpg
Children line up outside during the Integration Experience, possibly at Forest Hill Public School.

Royal Tour 1954 - Robertson Oval [RW43.39].jpg
Thousands of school children gathered on Robertson Oval for the final appearance of the Queen and Duke.
The newspapers reported that of the 15,000 children gathered in the centre of the oval, 500 had fainted in the heat and had to be stretchered off…

Sewing Class - East Loddon Consolidated School Bendigo.jpg
Children in the sewing class at East Loddon Consolidated School, during the Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students' trip to Bendigo.

Teaching Practices - Bendigo(1).jpg
Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students at East Loddon Consolidated School during their trip to Bendigo in Victoria.

Teaching Practices - Bendigo(2).jpg
Children in a woodworking class (possibly at East Loddon Consolidated School), during the Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students' trip to Bendigo.

Studio portrait of a child seated on a chair.

A photographic postcard addressed to May Mortlock from Barney Carlon of Yarragundry, dated 13 November 1909:
"Dear May, That other jolly old card was a dead nark, couldn't have a scribble at all May. But never mind will tell you all, when I see you…

Photographic postcard of a child, posed on a table with toy blocks, inscribed, "To Percy and May and Little Alice, Wishing you A Merry Xmas From all at "Pretty Valley. Xmas 1914."
An inscription added at a later date says, "Boy is Rob Condon, The…

Photographic postcard with an image of an unidentified young child and an infant posed on a large chair.

Studio photograph of Clara Edney (daughter of James Welsh Edney), Albert Winter and Helen Winter (nee Edney).
Inscription on reverse: "Clara, do you know these? Taken 13/11/09".

Studio portrait of two unidentified children. With inscription: "With fondest love and...Aunty Nellie".

Studio portrait of Gladys Amelia Rose Goodman, aged 12 months.

Photograph of two unidentified children, with inscription on reverse side: "To dear Grandfather, Aunties and Uncles from Little J?. aged 1 year and 9 months".

Portrait of a young girl

Portrait of two young un-named girls.

RW5_105 (16).jpg
Portrait of two unidentified young girls.

Portrait of Athol Watts posed on a toy horse, aged two years old.
The reverse side is inscribed with the following message: "To Dear little Belle with best wishes for Xmas. From Athol Watts, aged 2 years and 4 months. Xmas 1922".

Photographic postcard of two young children, Albie and Jean Winter, the children of Frederick and Helen Winter. It is dated 2 June 1911 and has been sent to the children's Grandmother and Grandfather.

Back Row Standing: David William Edney b.11 Oct 1893 d. 24 Dec 1967;
Middle Row Sitting L to R: Elizabeth Ada Edney b. 21 June 1895 d. 20 June 1979, (Baby) Mary Ann (Molly) Edney b.13 Aug 1901 d. 28 May 1931, Eliza Jane Edney b. 8 Sept 1892 d. 27…

Portrait of Harry Emmanuel Campbell, aged 16 months.
On the reverse side is the following inscription: "With compliments 16:12:01, died 14:12:01. Age 16mos".
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