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One of the many floods of the Murrumbidgee River that covered Fitzmaurice Street. This photograph was taken outside The Pastoral Hotel (now ABC Riverina Studios), looking north down Fitzmaurice Street.

Photograph showing some of the Fitzmaurice Street hotels during one of the 1891 floods.
The photograph includes Bellair's Commercial Hotel (now Romano's); Millenet's Criterion Hotel (including the offices of Wilkinson, Lavender and Chapman, stock…

Photograph of people outside an unknown hotel in Fitzmaurice Street, during one of the 1891 floods in Wagga Wagga. In the foreground, the water is up to the horse's chest, while three men try to keep their feet dry by standing on the carriage.

Photograph of Fitzmaurice Street in flood during the very wet year of 1891. The water has not completely covered the entire street but the lower lying areas have already been inundated. The photographer is standing just to the north of the…
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