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Studio portrait of Miss Errella Garland of Wagga Wagga with her prize-winning kelpie, "Mirallie", in 1914.

Photograph of Fitzmaurice Street in flood during the very wet year of 1891. The water has not completely covered the entire street but the lower lying areas have already been inundated. The photographer is standing just to the north of the…

Photograph of Moore's Cycle Works, located within The Freemasons Hotel building (later renamed The Tourist Hotel) in Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga.
The photograph also shows the shopfront of Alfred Lewis and Co., fashionable tailors, mercers and…

The Rock Union Sunday School [RW5_16].jpg
Five Sunday School teachers from The Rock Union Church. Mabel E Condon (nee Mortlock) on far right hand side.

College Activities - Trips(3).jpg
Wagga Wagga Teachers' College students and staff stand beside their bus during an unknown excursion.
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